About Us!

                                Although the Charter marking the official inception of the Verein Teutonia Society of Windsor, Ontario, Canada is dated 1935 a soccer group (Fussball Verin) and ladies choir (Liederkranz) were formed in the late 1920’s. From these two groups the German Canadian Society developed and was formed in 1929. The group’s first president was Mr. Lotz and the committee members consisted of Mr. Graff, Mr. Scherer, Mr. Salzar, Mr. Erdries and Mr. Kaiser. It is with great respect that we honour these men and women who became the building blocks of our Society. Our original leaders came to the conclusion that a united group would have a better chance for survival and this became a reality in 1935.                   

In 1936 they established a permanent house for the Teutonia Society, the location was 1191 Langlois St., Windsor ON. After WWII, people of all nationalities including those of German heritage began arriving at Canadian ports. Soon the location of Langlois St. could not handle the influx of membership. On November 7, 1954 a new location was found on Edinborough St, Windsor ON where the cornerstone was laid and the Schwaben Hall was built (an elaborate building for that day) in time more halls were added. We had a large membership of about 3,000 at that time. There were many good times and a lot of people met their partners at the club as they danced to the many German bands (many of which still carry on today). Over the years the membership has declined and the building became too large for us. Many of the members volunteered a lot of long hard hours and we thank all of them for the dedication to keeping our traditions going now and into the future.                  

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80 years of celebrations

As of May 30, 2016 the building on Edinborough St. has been sold and we carry on our traditions at the Fogular Furlan Club. This is a good union for both parties to build new friendships. We feel very much at home and welcome. We will continue with all our long celebrated traditions and provide for our seniors and youth.

We extend the torch to our children and grandchildren to continue celebrating our German Heritage and uphold our Society’s Charter. Everyone, members and non­members are still welcome to come out and celebrate with us in our new home.